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  • Bhopal gas tragedy - Private 4 hours observation tour

    Visit the abandoned Union Carbide factory and the actual sites of Tragedy to understand the conseque...

    99 4 Hours
  • Private Sightseeing tour of Bhopal city

    Enjoy visiting a fairyland half hidden among seven high hills, nestling in rich foliage. Bhopal, als...

    109 8 Hours
  • Private visit to Sanchi and Udayagiri from Bhopal

    Enjoy visiting Sanchi the 3rd century UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Udayagiri Rock Cut Caves to se...

    169 8 Hours
  • Private tour of Bhojpur and Bhimbetka from Bhopal

    Enjoy visiting Neolithic age site of 700 rock shelters at UNESCO World Heritage Bhimbetka and a Sun ...

    160 8 Hours