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Few things to help you know us better.


Our team of travel insiders is obsessed with finding the best things to do everywhere we travel within India. From Delhi to Mumbai to Cochin, from traditional tours to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we have something for every kind of traveler. We are enabling locals to use their time and knowledge to earn a living by generating new sources of income, while creating a better India where people can experience richer and more meaningful lives.

City Tours India is a place to discover unique, cultural experiences from design, photography and street art experiences, to ethnic food tours, private dinners hosted by locals, back roads wine tastings and underground history, sightseeing and immersive cultural exchange. City Tours India is a home for anyone looking to experience honest, local culture through experiences created and hosted by passionate local Insiders.


From our suppliers around India, our team of travel insiders handpicks the best local tour and activity providers. We pre-vet them all to make sure you always have an exceptional experience. The artists, designers, foodies, teachers, filmmakers, photographers, historian, chefs and everyone else operate their own experiences.

Experiencing local culture with the guidance of others dates back centuries in literature and history. Classics like the Odyssey and The Divine Comedy center their stories around the rich travel experiences guides made possible. During the Enlightenment, educational journeys became so popular they were the reason most people traveled: to learn about art, technology and culture and to enrich themselves through cultural exchange. Rousseau, Goethe and Voltaire are among countless prominent thinkers of their time who credit travel experiences for influencing the greatest works of art, political thought and writing of the modern age. In the Nineteenth Century an industry began to grow around traveling for enrichment, culture and human connection. City Tours India is committed to building on this tradition for a new generation of creative, writers, politicos, technologists and anyone who aspires to enrich their understanding of the world and of themselves.


Find out of your way places without going out of your way.

At City Tours India it's all about making things easier for you. You want to pre-book your trips at home from a laptop? You've got it. You want to book on the go, in your destination, from your phone or mobile device? No problem. At City Tours India you get insider access, however you'd like to access it.

Before, during and even after your trip, we are available to help. Email our support center anytime at info@citytoursindia.com